The Traveler’s Sachet

The Traveler’s Sachet: Protection, Love, Money, & Health Sachet

A magical sachet is a small bag that can be kept near you or in a space to embue a selected intention using magical items. Items are usually combined with a goal such as protection, healing, love, etc. Historically indigenous Americans wore medicine bags filled with healing herbs and in Voodoo practice gris gris bags are carried. A magical sachet is a spell you can take with you.

This sachet is available in both leather with a long cord and cotton with a draw string for the traveler’s protection, love, money, & health.

Crystals: green adventurine, rose quartz, clear quartz, red jasper, tiger’s eye, carnelian, garnet

Herbs: mugwort, echinacea, Tonka Beans, galangal root, bayberry, rue, catmint, nettle root, agrimomy, witch hazel, slippery elm bark

All pictures, designs and content are the sole property of The Adoring Crow and may not be reproduced.

For legal purposes I am required to state that all my handmade items at The Adoring Crow are sold as curios only, offered solely for entertainment purposes and are not guaranteed to give any specific healing, abilities, or results. All purchases and use are the responsibility of the buyer and owner. I take no responsibility for use or misuse of my items and the buyer takes full responsibility for items once purchased. The Adoring Crow cannot guarantee that the products will provide a desired outcome.

Thank you for looking!

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