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I am currently studying to become a practicing herbalist. I have a Materia Medica available on the blog with how to tips on growing herbs well and how to work with them both externally and internally.

In addition to my career as a horticulturist and diploma in cosmetology, herbalism allows me to share my love of plants and take care of the body! One thing I have learned working with plants for most of my life is that doing so heals not only the mind, but the body, and spirit. I believe even being near to nature heals us. I worked professionally as a horticulturist in Massachusetts for over 11 years.

Working with plants every day taught me so much, not only about nature and how to help gardens thrive, but through those small steps each day I too learned how to nurture and grow within myself. I noticed my emotional wounds lessened. I learned that in order for change to occur a change in environment must happen. I saw that in order for transformation to occur from seed to bloom we must be patient, and that lesson grew in my heart for myself and those around me. Gardening calmed me, grounded me, and taught me how to thrive. It is my great desire to be able to share the wisdom of plants with you, not only in their presence, but internally, and maybe even spiritually.

I am beyond excited to be studying with Commonwealth Herbs in Massachusetts to further this awareness I have gleaned from working with plants. And I am so grateful to have the privilege to bring you along with me. I will be sharing highlights of the plants I am working with in The Adoring Crow patreon and in the products I have in my shop. Thank you so much for taking the time to step through the wild ways with me.

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