Creations Imbued with Nature, Spirit, & Intention

The Adoring Crow is owned and Operated by Angel Crow, a horticulturist with 11 years in the field on Martha’s Vineyard, an herbalist training at Commonwealth Herbs in Massachusetts, a metalsmith trained at the San Diego Art Academy, and a trained cosmetologist. Each item found within The Adoring Crow has begun with hours of dedicated research into symbology, history, and meaning. The elements of each item are combined with thoughtful intention and a dedication to respect nature, animals, and humans. Every item is handcrafted using only hand tools. The metal is hand filed, polished, and cut. Electric metalsmithing tools are not used in an effort to honor the old ways. Candles and resin pieces are hand poured, and plant materials are hand collected when possible. Plant products are collected from trusted gardens and sources, and dried and processed in studio. The Adoring Crow uses recycled and upcycled packaging, materials, and metals, disposes of all materials safely (there is very little waste), and respects all local, natural, and personal spiritual beliefs and laws of foraging and wild/farm harvesting. For more information please visit the FAQ.

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated by nature, Spirit, and the wonder of mystical places both within and without. I am invested in understanding my place on this Earth both through my experiences of the world around me and that of history and the ancient world. I long for a day when we remember what it was to know our way by the scent on the wind and the curve of the path that lay ahead, when we measured time with the seasons and the setting sun and rising moon. There was a time not far off when we remembered that nature was sacred. So many of us have forgotten the old ways when the Spirit that lives within us was tied and fortified by the land, and the beasts and plants we called friends.

In addition to metalsmithing I am also a professionally trained fine gardener. I have spent countless hours tending to gardens, mending broken boughs, and revitalizing languishing plants back to life and in doing I found the spark that tied my heart to the natural world around me and it healed me, and Spirit whispered to my soul to awaken. And now it is my privilege to study herbalism and extend that awareness outwards.

Each of the items I create are made in reverence to the sacredness of nature, with the intention to hold onto the meaning that our ancestors found in each tree, animal, and plant and passed on for generations. It is my hope that my work enlivens the bearer to remember the sacred in even the most tender of fallen leaves, the shedding of feathers, and the rocks the mark our paths in this life, the flame that fuels our passions, and scent upon the wind. Each of my pieces is made in honor and in reverence to the Spirit that lives in all living things and connects us all in love. For we are all family, animal, human, or plant.


Once we knew our way
By the beautiful features
Of the land,
The moon as it hung
From the vast and shining sky,
And the star
True as ever
To the North.

We once wayed far and fast
For fear of what wandered near
And hungry.
And the blood in our ears
Hushed the cracks
In the nearby thicket.
Fear bayed us move
Now and quick.
And in returning
To the peace of cricket clicks
And the crackle of a fire
We lingered longer
Than we do now
On any sight that
Pleased the eye.

Once we dreamt only of landscape,
Both desert and flesh,
And the languid rivers
Dividing softly parted land.
We dreamt of stars over lakes
And the splash of the fish.
And on these visions
I long for and wish.

The tree painted melancholy
On an ever arching sky,
Plumes of smoke and cloud,
Bursting from a boar bristle brush
In the hand of Heavens creator,
And we would weep at the beauty
Of the ornamented sky
Set ablaze by the fire of the sun.

The oceans
Hummed a whispered melody
Of stories millennia deep.
And the song of the whale bade us
Listen to the words of our holy Mother
And stay a while longer in her embrace.
Water from her womb sprung
All matter of life.

My heart it pulls me from asphalt
And metal scraping sky.
It tears me from cars racing
And the quick lip of a sly guy.
And my heart it breaks in lament.
Have we wondered so far
From our Mother’s sweet grip
As to allow darkness
To rise from her fallen beasts?
Liquid despair feeding a
Rich man’s folly
And the people that know better
Swept quickly under a tide
Bred from denial, selfishness, and neglect.

These memories embedded
In my cells, bones, and eyes
The night encrusted starry sky
Over oceans and land
Beasts on feet and on fly,
And here
I wonder
I wish
I miss
The absence of mankind.

-Angel Crow





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