The Adoring Crow

Creations Imbued with Nature, Spirit, & Intention

The Adoring Crow products can be purchased from our Etsy.
Each of our items is handmade with intention and purpose.
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The Higher Realms Earrings

Each of our earrings are 100% handmade and different earring hooks are available on request.


Water Elemental Transformation Talisman

Our necklaces are made with hand selected crystals, shells, and recycled metals.


Finger Armor Cuff

Each of our rings are handmade with intention, hand forged, shaped, and polished.


Japanese Honeysuckle

Our botanical items are sustainably hand collected when possible, both from the wild, our gardens, or from reliable sources.


Detailed Rune Set

Each of divination sets are made in a cleared and protected space, ready for use upon arrival. Each is made by hand.

“Each of the pieces I create are made in reverence to the sacredness of nature, with the intention to hold onto the meaning that our ancestors found in each tree, animal, and plant and passed on for generations. It is my hope that my work enlivens the wearer to remember the sacred in even the most tender of fallen leaves, the shedding of feathers, and the rocks that mark our paths in this life.”

-Angel Crow

About Us

Angel Crow is an herbalist, horticulturist, metalsmith, and artist and owner and operator of The Adoring Crow.

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