Can you tell us about your packaging and gift wrap?

The Adoring Crow uses recycled and upcycled packaging, materials. When possible reused bubble mailers will be used. If you prefer new packaging please include that in your purchase information or message theadoringcrow@gmail.com directly, costs may change for shipping with this option.

Where do you source your plant materials?

The Adoring Crow respects all local, natural, and the owner’s spiritual beliefs and laws of foraging and wild/farm harvesting. Many of the herbs and plant materials used are sourced directly from the artist’s land and gardens. When not sourced personally herbs are sourced from small businesses or trusted environmentally sustainable businesses.

Where do you source your feathers?

The feathers used in The Adoring Crow’s items are always 100% cruelty free and ground collected. When not sourced personally they are sourced from cruelty free, free range, small farms where the birds are members of the family, not products. All feathers respect CITES laws.

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