New Sparrow Made Photos and review!

Sparrow Made has a new face! Model Emma Wajda and I went to one of Martha’s Vineyard’s beautiful Island beaches and did a lovely photo shoot of some of my new items. The animal totem necklaces, copper armor cuff and a variety of earrings were featured, including the abalone and shell feather earrings. Keep an eye out for more photos to come! Hair and make up were done by yours truly thanks to my past life as a cosmetologist! Most of the clothing in the photos is from my own vintage collection!

Sparrow Made was also featured by the lovely Tara Mackey on her blog, My Organic Life. Click the link to view her lovely photos!

emma point arm cuff feathers

emma ocean arm cuff feathers

Emma stand leapord arm cuff

Emma Smirk Ring

Emma Ring Coat

Emma Rhino White coat

emma stand leapord cuff

emma up close arm cuff

Emma white Rhino Twigs



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